In the UK winter seems to be lasting forever, I think I blinked and missed Autumn completely! as we approach April there is still a lot of snow on the ground and temperatures are rarely rising above the heady heights of 7 degrees... Brrrr!
In these cold conditions it is important to keep your hamster warm. Provide extra bedding material so your hamster can make an extra cosy nest and make sure the cage is not placed in a drafty area. If you can, place the cage near (but not directly infront of) a radiator, as this will help keep your hammy warm.

You can also provide warm (but not hot) nutitional treats as well, to help your hamster keep on some body weight. Simple scrambled eggs (no salt or pepper) will be appreciated in tiny amounts, and you can also provide small amounts of warm porridge too,

Hamsters should be kept warm and this will help them avoid hibernation. Domestic hamsters are ill equiped to cope with hibernation, and should your hamster become cold and unresponsive, you should wrap it in a towel (leaving only its head out) and place it on a radiator or hot water bottle. If you are female, then place your hamster in your bra, your bodyheat could be the best medicine. You should try and warm your hamster up and get it to a vet as soon as possible.

Stay warm! :)


04/07/2014 07:34

Hi, thanks for the great info you have on your site.

I'm wondering whether or not to buy an electric heat-pad that clips to the side of the hamster cage just to guard against the risk of hamster hibernation. I've seen them for sale online but can't make up my mind if it's overkill or whether it really would be worth getting one just in case.

Is there a generally agreed upon opinion regarding this sort of thing?

Many thanks

04/08/2014 06:18

Hello! Thanks for your comment. There is no generally agreed opinion that I am aware of, but I would be careful if using clip-on heat pads that your hamster can't get to the pad and chew it. If it is safe, then it could be a good way to keep your hamster warm though. You could always raise the cage off the floor on books and slide a hot-water bottle underneath, but the easiest way of all is to keep your hamster out of drafty/cold areas and provide lots and lots of extra bedding.:)

04/08/2014 16:00

Brilliant - thanks for the advice. I (shamefully) hadn't even considered the possibility of him chewing the pad. He generally sleeps in the bottom corner of his cage so a hot water bottle under his cage would prob do the job nicely - and cheaper than buying a pad.

Thanks again!


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