Those of us in the UK were probably glad of the break in dismal weather this week, and the arrival of some warmth and sunshine made a nice difference, breaking up the monotony of rain and bleak skies.

Temperatures soared and we enjoyed the hottest weather of the year to date, with balmy days in the low 20s. However, whereas we can change our clothes to suit the climate or simply move ourselves into the shade, our pets cannot do that.

Hamsters will not really malt that much, so it is important to keep the cage in a cool spot and out of the direct sunlight. If your hamster has a plastic cage then placing it in the sun is like putting your hammy in a green house. Please don't do it!

Help keep your hamster cool by opening windows and providing cold water, you could even crumble up some ice cubes and add it to the water to help keep it from warming too quickly.

You can also give your hamster small pieces of chopped, washed cucumber to help hydrate them, or even a few frozen peas.

These are small steps that can help make a difference to your pet's comfort during the warmer months! Of my two, Luna is charging about as usual so I am making sure she is getting plenty to drink, and Skye spends her time resting. At two years, two months old Skye's body temperature is naturally lower than Luna's and she is less active. I am making sure that she too has access to water and hydrating treats, and both hamsters will be moved if the heat gets too much in 'their' room.


12/01/2012 07:58

I love your hamster site! It is really informative and it is so well laid out and easy to find the information you are looking for.
I have a hamster blog, and I'm always trying to find other hamster blogs etc. and I'm so glad I found yours!
I also added you to my 'blogroll' so other people who read my blog can find your site, hope you don't mind!
Keep up the great site!
Hannah (Animal Tails - hamster blog)

03/26/2013 02:36

Thanks Hannah :)

01/03/2014 19:25

Hello! I am a new hamster owner, but I am trying my best to take care of my syrian hamster the right way. Unfortunately, my first cage was a tiny wire cage. then I connected it to a bin cage, it does not reach the minimum of 365 square inches of floorspace. My mom won't let me get a bigger cage though! Do you have a any suggestions? Also, I have a hamster website, here's the site address, do you have any ideas on how to make it better?


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